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BCC is closely monitoring updates from health care experts about the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)   View details.

BCC Policy regarding the Novel Coronavirus

BCC Policy regarding the Novel Coronavirus

Posted by Admin   |   2020-10-06 08:20:30

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Unless and until the CDC, or a State, or a Local authority declares complete shut down of schools, we are committed to keeping Best Care College open. It is however our policy to observe the latest official preventive recommendations to combat infection, the transmission of the virus.

Our policy starts with the dissemination to all members of the student body, the faculty, and the staff by emailing and/or posting the flyer published by the East Orange Department of Health and Human Services dealing with infection and transmission of the virus, the symptoms of infection, and best behaviors for personal and social protection. The said flyer is here with annexed and made part of this policy. Click here to download the flyer. PDF Version

Improved practices in the maintenance of the college facility are implemented to include: • 

  • • Additional hand sanitizer dispensers at strategic locations within the campus.
  • • Beyond the regular daily cleaning, every 24 hours, we are doing a deep cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces susceptible to be touched.
  • • Railings and door handles will be disinfected twice a day. • We ask everybody to wipe down their work area and equipment.


In addition:

  • • We urge students, faculty, and staff to stay home if feeling ill.
  • • Anyone with a fever, difficulty in breathing, anyone who is coughing, sneezing will be sent home. Medical clearance is required for returning to the campus.
  • • Will be sent home as well, anybody (student, staff, or faculty) declaring or suspecting of exposure to a potentially infected individual. Written appropriate clearance is required for returning to the campus. 


For more information and updates, please visit the following sites: